The company

Intersam is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and selling of heat exchangers. The company was founded at beginning of 1995 by professionals with a great experience of working in the field of fair conditioning and refrigeration.

The production of Intersam is mainly concerned with the manufacturing of coils for air conditioning and refrigeration units, coolers and condensers. Within the company, it’s also possible to find a wide range of models, each one adaptable to the needs of each individual installation.

We are focused in to guarantee the satisfaction for our customer’s needs, providing solutions for all their projects and installations. Moreover, Intersam develops customized projects out of catalogue for special projects.

In the manufacturing of our product, we only use raw materials of the highest quality, and in the transformation process, the most modern production processes are used. The new technology combined with highly qualified personnel ensure that Intersam make top quality products.

n the development of our products, the latest and most up-to-date techniques are used , such as programs for calculation of capacities, launching to production and interactive programs in which customers can create their projects and offers online.

Intersam works according to a Quality System UNE-ISO; 9001-2000, which guarantees that all procedures are completely controlled.

The quality system, allows a total planning of our products, controlling the origin of our raw materials and the completion of each product. Each step of the process is carefully monitored by our personnel and problems are dealt with professionality and efficiently by our staff as soon as they arise.

Intersam is a environmentally friendly company and all our products have been modified for the new ecological refrigerants. Our latest products have the same capacity and efficiency as our previous products.

The recycling of raw materials, woods, water and oils is normal practise within the company.

Intersam with their entire human staff, together the development tools and production, is in good conditions to assure a perfect finishing of all its manufacturers, also with an absolute reliability in the results of their quality products, price and delivery time.

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