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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Intersam maintains as a priority goal the Quality, applying a Quality System focused to that all processes are developed in the Organisation be designed to get the best service level of our customers.

The General Manager, maximum company responsible, and assuming the commitment of QUALITY, has delegated in the Quality Responsible, the function to establish in his Organisation the system based in the Norm UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015.

The Quality System, applied in all the productive processes steps, is necessary to assure the competitiveness, the continuity in the market and the strengthening of our company.

For all this, Intersamhas established the following commitments to this end:

  • Compliance with the legal requirements establish for the adequate development of its activity.
  • Establishment and Improvement of a Quality procedure system, which helps to the continuous improvement of the joint activities developed.
  • To develop and offer products which satisfy the customer need.
  • To prevent these possible deficiencies, lacks and anomalies presented during the developments of the diary activities.
  • To spread a Quality culture to all Organisation level's.
  • To give the adequate preparation to all team for realising their activities with the expected Quality level.
  • To spread the documents which support the necessary Quality System.
  • To give the adequate training to all staff for realising the expected Quality levels.
  • To spread the documents which support the necessary Quality System.
  • Manage to get complaints and customers suggestions, and use the information to improve continuously the service and the procedure Quality System.

The need to make our Intersam agents and collaborators aware, about the responsibility in Security in theirs position’s job.

To train technically to can develop, when required for the managements, the developing and manufacturing of new products.

Arganda del Rey, January 18, 2018

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