Air Handling Units

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The new Intersam HA series air conditioners are designed to satisfy the requirements of any type of installation that requires exhaustive and efficient air treatment and control: humidification, filtering, dehumidification, etc., in the industrial and residential areas.Its production, manufactured to each specific project, but with constructive elements manufactured as standard and perfectly tested, allows us to have a product that is technically customized and adapted to the dimensional characteristics of each installation.

Complying with the most stringent regulations in force in the sector, and with a continuous technological research, the Intersam HA units will be an important reference in the new air conditioning projects.

Quality, service, research... in summary, everything that has made Intersam an important reference in the market during the last years that has been applied to this new range of products with the assurance of satisfying the demands of designers and installers.In any case, our commercial technical department has a computerized program that can calculate the dimensioning of the final unit, as well as its components, offering in a short space of time the final cost of the unit.shaped units coolers and ITP for ceiling, both for high and low temperature.

Air Handling Units

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