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Operating system RafWater

Consistent in cool ambient air through a panel humidifier (adiabatic system) up to 25º C and 95 RH (relative humidity) that will give us an air similar to the wet thermometer temperature. With this air cooled and saturated will cool the coils of the Condenser or Dry- Cooler. The flow passes through the panels from cellulose by lowering the temperature of the air in circulation.

*Adiabatic cooling can be defines as the process psychometric contribution of water to an air mass, so the latent heat to evaporate water, steals the sensible heat of the air, cooling it.

Advantanges of the RafWater system

  • 95% the air humidification efficiency.
  • Chilled water temperatures, equal to the one achieved by evaporative Towers/Condenser.
  • Do not need water treatment.
  • No production of aerosols.
  • No water Recirculation pumps.
  • Consumption of water 90% less than a Tower/Condenser.
  • All provided water evaporates in the air, with no leftovers.


Coil condensing high-performance, built on copper tube (5/8” thickness 0,4mm) or stainless steel (5/8” AISI 304 L thickness 0,8mm) placed in staggered and aluminium corrugated fin with 2,1mm separation. The frame is built with galvanized sheet riveted between them, with a floating system to avoid possible fractures of the pipe due to vibrations or dilatations.

The have a collector system with load shells to the verification of the non-existence of leakage in the installation.


Axial fans with protective grille of high performance complete with motors diameter 910 (3ph/400V/50Hz) external rotor with IP-54 protection grade, double speed and low consumption in compliance with ErP.

Adiabatic panels

The adiabatic panels fitted with this system are Munters brand; our panels are durable, simple cleaning and maintenance.


  • Treatment Bronz Glow for corrosive environments.
  • Pre-coated aluminium or copper fins.
  • Fans connected to the outer housing.  
  • EC fans.

All this together with proper maintenance make this system a safe and economical alternative to existing products today, in addition to energy savings and water that it get.

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