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From 1984 Bronz-Glow Technologies provides a system guaranteed of protection against the corrosion in air conditioning units and refrigeration systems under the more several corrosives environments. The Bronz-Glow product is exclusively applied by Intersam factory for Spain and is specifically used for corrosive environments such as, waste – water treatment plants, paper mills, any type of coastal installation, food processing facilities, refineries, off shore facilities, chemical plants, medical facilities, pharmaceutical plants, steel mills, mining facilities etc… The coating can be applied in any Intersam manufacturers not only in the coil surface but in all external coil structures.

Product Description

Bronz-Glow. Protective Coating - Exclusives

The applied product is defined as Husky Coat, is in golden colour and is formulated to provide protection against corrosion to the coaxial coils and fins and tube coils by spray application process. This process is made in the Intersam Installations, with the professional methods and qualified personnel. It’s an anti corrosive of high efficiency, extremely resistant to the abrasion and in spite of its strength, has an extraordinary flexibility, allowing the expansion and contraction in the way the coil is heating or cooling. This coating material protects in pH ranges of 1.0-14, will not chip, crack, powder or flake and has little effect on heat transfer, less than 1%. Husky Coil has negligible effect on heat and if required, can be easily repaired in our factory or in the field. Husky coil Coat, because if its properties, ensures the best overall corrosion in the market. Intersam provides different cleaning and repairable products for its maintenance.

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