RafWater. Control refrigeration system

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Our RAF system is specially designed for fluids cooling guaranteed a low application cost because the combination of two fundamental principles. One of them is defined as dry working, and will be used when the external conditions are always equal or below of the maximum temperature designed, is in this case when the unit is working appropriately. The working annual time in dry application is approximately between the% 70 and 90% depending of the designed conditions. The other operative system is the inclusion of our RAF Water system, which will be used when the external conditions be higher of the maximums designed or when more thermal capacity is required. The system works with a shower curtain distributed over the panels where a draught across them and getting saturated the air, allows temperatures close to h.b.t. The inclusion of the RAF Water system allows as to combine indistinctly both ways, guaranteed the right water consumption when only is necessary, also avoid suspicious elements which can favour suitable conditions for the break out of the “Legionelly Pneumophily”.

General features

Raf Water. Control Refrigeration System - Exclusives

Very low water consumption

This equipment provides big water saving against the traditional systems, such as the Refrigeration Tower, the evaporative condenser and traditional adiabatic systems by water pulverisation, this system equal or even make better theirs performances, saving a 90% water because the exhaustive system control.


  • 90 % less of consumption of water that traditional systems.
  • 10 % less of consumption that similar systems.
  • Energetic saving opposite to other alternative systems.
  • He does not need treatments for the water.
  • Amortization of the investment in short term.
  • He avoids expensive maintenances in the facilities owed to the calcareous inlays.
  • Exempt from Legionella's control.

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