Source: Intersam 12 June 2020

The importance of counting on solutions for air filtering in refrigerations systems

In Intersam we always design projects adapted to each client according to their needs. The main part of this adaptation is finding solutions that garantee our commitment with health.

Filtros para evitar coronavirus
Filtros para evitar coronavirus

La importancia de contar con soluciones de filtrado de aire en los sistemas de climatización

In Intersam we have always tried to make and personalize the equipment, adapting it to our clients. We understand how important it is to personalize our equipment adapting it to each project because we can reach the greatest efficiency in the process of air filtering and cleaning.

We are totally commited to health issues and to all the recommendations made by the (WHO) WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. This is the main reason why, our personalized work includes different factors such as the adaptation of each project to the client, their needs and to all population in general (such as the current need to adapt air filters to apparatus capable of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus).

Many recommendations have been made, not only by the World Health Organizations but also by the Ministry of Health, in relation to general health such as hand/body hygiene, cleanliness and air filtering. We now know that Covid19 is spread by air, and this leads to think it is of vital importance to introduce air filtering devices in all types refrigeration systems found in offices, hospitals, factories, etc.

One of our main focuses in INTERSAM has been health and this the reason why we have included, since before the pandemic spread, one of the best air filtering brand products internationally renouned: CAMFIL.

These filters capture air particles, which could be infected (by Coronavirus or other viruses), and they prevent other people from becoming sick. CAMFIL recommends different types of filters depending on the place where they are going to be installed. At INTERSAM we introduce them into the refrigeration and ventilation equipment, depending on the clients’s needs.

In low risk areas, such as offices, shopping centres, schools or airports we recommend the ePM1 60% or higher filter together with a pre-filter which will garantee the filter’s lifespan.
In high risk areas such as hospitals, old people’s homes, and places where sick people have been, we recommend HEPA H13 99.5% filters together with a pre-filter to garantee the lifespan of the filter.

INTERSAM helps you in different ways:

  • We are there to help you make the best choice of apparatus of ventilation and refrigeration to meet your needs,
  • We set them up for you in a personalized manner to adapt them to each situation,
  • We also install the most appropiate filters depending on the area where they are going to be placed.

If you need to personalize your equipment do not hesitate to contact us.

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