Ammonia unit coolers

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Applications and models

Cubic, top and floor standing units for installation in the ceiling and the floor of cold rooms for preservation and the cooling of all kind of products.

The INTERSAM ammonia unit coolers cubic series, includes 4 main different series, for high INHA, medium INHM, low INHB and extra low temperatures INHT.

By the way the TOP version includes another 4 main series, for high IPHA, medium IPHM, low IPHB and extra low temperatures IPHT. Otherwise, the INTERSAM units coolers NH3/G series (cubic and floor standing) includes 4 main different series, for high INHA, medium INHM, low INHB and extra low temperatures INHT.

Square configuration 60x60 getting more surface of thermal exchange.

General features


High performance finned coils, built in stainless tube AISI-316 with welding TIG ORBITAL and corrugated aluminium with 4,2; 6; 8 and 10mm. fin spacing. The frame is manufactured in aluminium sheet, protected by collars. Headers with steel connections.

External structure

Manufactured in RAL-9018 colour polyester high resistance aluminium. The whole structure is compact and highly rigid to avoid vibrations. All pieces are easily dismantled for maintenance.


Helicoidal fans with high performance protection grids and 400V / 50Hz three phase motor fans diameters 400, 500, 630 & 800mm., with IP-54 protection grade, external rotor and low power consumption. Ball bearing are supplied with low temperature grease for -50ºC. All the motors are wired to the centralized waterproof junction box, according to IP-55 standards.

Defrosting heaters

Defrosting is carried out by 230V electric heaters, built in shielded stainless steel tube, with vulcanized ends avoiding shunts, inserted in the coil and tray and wired to the waterproof junction box.

All the models may be supplied with defrosting heaters.



- Fins with Bronz-Glow protection for corrosive environments

- Copper fins

- Prelacquered aluminium fins

- Circuit for glycol water

- Heating coil incorporation


- Hot Gas

- Cycle inversion

- Water (CUBIC version)


- 230-400V / 50Hz triphase motors for diameters 400, 500 & 630mm.

Refrigerant capacity

The capacities of the units coolers are tested in dry atmosphere (sensible heat) according to ENV-328.

The nominal capacities of the catalogue (R-717) (sensible heat + latent heat) are refered to the tested capacities (SC2) multiplied by a coefficient (latent heat factor) to consider the increasing of capacity (latent heat) due the condensation of steam water on the unit cooler surface.

This factor depends on the cold room conditions, for high room temperatures is increasing and for low room temperatures is decreasing, according ENV-328.

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