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Application and models

Air Condenser with radial centrifugal fans, manufactured in V-shaped, and top ventilation group. Capacities are from 50 Kw. to 259 Kw. These condensers enable the coils sideway suction and the vertical air ejection, or ejection by the ventilation group sideways if it’s required by the Installation.

The ICVR range is specially designed for external and internal installation just as cellars or machines-hall where a high pressure air is required to win the pressure drops in the conducts.

General features

Condensers / Radial


High performance condensers coils, built with copper tubes in ½” staggered located and corrugated aluminium fins with fin spacing 2,1mm.

The frame is built with galvanized sheet, with a floating system by collars protection. They have a copper collector system with load shells to check that there are not leakages during the installation. The battery is installed in the V or W shape frame.

External structure

This is built through independent modules of galvanized sheet, for each motor fan. All the structure is compact and very resistant, thus avoiding vibration. All the components and panels are easily detachable for maintenance. The ventilation group is independent from the coils in order to make easy the assembly and unit’s access into the installation. All the ejection mouths are interchangeable between them, making easily for the installer the exit selections in each moment. All the structure is painted in RAL-9018.


Centrifugal radial fans in diameter 630mm, with air pressure till 200Pa, three phase in 380/480 50/60Hz and IP-54 protection class “F”. The motor fans are with EC system integrated with internal electronic commutation.

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