Encased outdoor
condensing units
Serie IBOX

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Applications and models

Encased equipments designed for outdoor installation, both on the ground and on the roof. They work under extreme environmental conditions. Fully equipped, they respond to the plug & play concept with all the necessary elements for the right functioning of the refrigeration system. Designed for cold storage applications of conservation and freezing, work rooms, fast pre-cooling tunnels, etc . The range of encased condensing units is composed of five main series, high (IBOX..A + and AM +), medium (IBOX..A and AM) and low temperature (IBOX..B).


External extructure

Great robustness and pre-lacquered casing RAL-9018. The entire structure is compact, thus avoiding vibration. All parts are easily removable for maintenance.


Semi-hermetic of piston mark COPELAND or BITZER (400V-460V/III/50-60 Hz) with valves in suction and discharge crankcase heater and fan cylinder head in below-zero temperatures.


From 1 to 4 fans of 500 to 800 mm of diameter with external rotor with IP-54 protection grade. Normal speed as standard.

Liquid receiver

Horizontal type hosted under the condenser with inlet and outlet valves, safety valve, filter and display.

Regulation and safety

Double pressure switch of high and low with automatic reset and oil differential pressure switch.


- Oil separator
With or without heat exchanger suction separator
Unloaded start + download retention valve
High control of condensing pressure
Manometers of high, low, and oil if necessary
EC fan condenser
Treatment Bronz-Glow on coil for corrosive environments
Soundproofing BOX
Electrical panel and maneuver
Electrical wiring
Other configurations, central cooling, multi circuits, etc...
Cubic or ceiling evaporator’s series industrial ICI or IPI (complete solution for the refrigeration system)


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