Dry coolers
In V

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Application and models

Air coolers with nominal capacities from 10Kw to 1.025 Kw with a total range of 147 models. Used for the following applications:

  • In air conditioning and refrigeration as water dry coolers for cooled S&T condensers and “free-cooling”.
  • In industry as mineral oil coolers, industrial water and other fluids.

The Intersam series of dry coolers are defined as IDR, IDD, IDV and IDW. Each series includes different models, depending on the number and characteristics of the modules.

General features

Dry-Coolers / In V


High performance condenser coils, built with 1/2” copper pipe staggered located and aluminium corrugated fin with 2,1 mm separation.

The frame is built with galvanized sheet with a floating system to avoid possible fractures of the pipe due to vibrations. They have a copper or Fe headerswith flanges in the inlet and outlet connections type DIN-2576 PN-16.

External structure

The external structure is built with galvanized steel painted with RAL-9018 polyester. All the structure is compact and very resistant, thus avoiding vibrations. All the components and panels are easily detachable for maintenance. The equipment are supplied with suports for fixing and hoisting lugs.


High performance axial fans of 500, 560, 630 and 800 mm diameters, with protection grid, external rotor, 400 V / 50 Hz three-phase motors with double speed. low consumption and IP-54 protection grade, thermal protection against overload.

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