Heat Exchangers

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Coils Intersam series is designed for the exchange of fluids or refrigerants on the side tubes and air on the side fins, and are used for cooling or heating of liquids, steam condensing , direct expansion or pump refrigerant and condensation of the same, for any type of application in the wide world of refrigeration and air conditioning.

They can be made loose and to measure, to be later incorporated in any type of our customers unit, or as part of the wide variety of equipment that we manufacture in our facilities.

Our coils and air conditioners are part of the equipment of important projects within sectors of the air conditioning (skyscrapers, auditoriums, hospitals, theatres, shopping centers, factories, airports...), industry (processing of paper, plastic injection, laboratories, platforms...) and cooling (slaughterhouses, drying, fishing boats, fish markets, a wide variety of cooling rooms and freezing tunnels…).

General Features


Heat Exchangers - Coils

Serial A: Copper tube in 5/8” (60mm x 30mm)

Serial B: Copper tube in ½” (31,75mm x 27,5mm)

Serial Ax: Stainless steel tube in 5/8” (60mm x 30mm)

Serial Bx: Stainless steel tube in ½” (31,75mm x 27,5mm)


Standard coil tubes: Stretched copper tube quality ASTM, specially manufactured for the construction of the coil with thickness from 0,4mm to 1mm.

Stainless steel coil tubes: Stainless steel tube AISI-316 or 304, specially manufactured for the coil’s construction with thickness from 0,5mm to 1mm.

Standard coil headers: The headers are manufactured in copper of Din-2440 steel depending the application.

Stainless steel coil headers: The headers are manufactured totally in stainless steel. For direct expansion coils, the distributors and capillary are also in stainless steel.

Standard coil welding: It’s automatic or manual. It’s made with phosphoresced copper with different silver’s allays depending the application and inert room to avoid shaving external or manual.

Stainless steel coil welding: Automatic TIG orbital system, without any material addition; this guarantee the circuit hold back and the perfect welding.

Fins: Carrugated fins with auto-separation collar, covering all the tube surface maximising the global inter change and adjusting the fin’s spacing (from 1,8mm to 12mm). These can be manufactured in aluminium, pre-coated aluminion, copper or stainless steel.

Casing: This is built from galvanized steel, aluminium or stainless steel. The structure is totally riveted between the frames, top and bottom sides, this gives a rigid and compact coil. The perforations for the accomodation tubes are with protection collars for avoiding fractures.

Test: The presure testing is made to all coils, with dried air at 38Kg/cm2 and submerged in a water tank to verify are not leakages. All coils evaporators and condensers are charged with pressure and provided with a shell for verifying in the reception. A quality stamp certify the test and hold back of each coil and allow the perfect draw up of the product assigned reference number and manufacturing.

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