Refrigerant Shell / Tube condenser

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General information and use

The Intersam shell and tubes condensers, series "HMAT" & "HMAM" water cooled, are used to condense old refrigerator gases and the new ones, for commercial and industrial refrigeration facilities and air conditioning.

Due to the modular construction system they can cover a range of power from 9 to 2.600Kw, in diameters of casing from 133 to 457mm. If necessary, Intersam can produce special and powerful models.

They are designed with removable caps and combined rubber lids. This characteristic makes possible its inspection and the tubes cleaning.

This range of equipment is manufactured in two versions. The HMAT series for use with fresh water, well or tower water. And the series HMAM is focus on seawater or Salinas  solutions with a maximum concentration of the 10% in weight.

Construction system and used materials

In both series the used materials are:

- Tube without steel welding, DIN 2448 or by electric welding system, API-5L-Gr B
- Circuit boards of water in natural rubber
- Liquid connections through of threaded fitting or flange for the coupling of service valve

Selection procedure

Refrigerant Shell Tube Condenser

All Intersam condensers are manufactured according to the European Regulation97/23/CE. All of them are marked with the CE label and they are categorized in 3 different class I, II, III. All the units are delivered with the plate features and the European Certificate CE.

The units are subjected to a leakage and sealing test with dry nitrogen 1.43 times more of pressure than the maximum allowed, that is 28 bar for the series indicated HMAT and HMAM.

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