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Descriptive characteristics

The EMCH series coolers are designed for application in process of cooling water, non freezable mixtures, as well as any other non-corrosive liquid for copper tubes.

The EMCHI series, is built completely of stainless steel AISI-316 or AISI-316 L, with the exception of the exchange tubes which are made of copper.

Coolers take of the cooling of any type of gases in the secondary circuit. It has limitations of pressures and corrosion based on the manufacturing material. Anyway, our technical department is in charge of study any possibility.

Refrigerant Shell and Tube evaporators

All the range can work with any of refrigerants on the market. Taking into account the specific limitations and the correction power values, as well as pressure drop of the refrigerant.

The design is the shell and tube type of casing and tubing, with a single step. Cooling fluid flows by the housing, while the refrigerant flows through the inside of the tubes.

Tubes are smooth on the outside and corrugated on the inside, with a special design that incorporates a grooved helical path, which aims to raise the transmission coefficient, as well as the internal speed of the refrigerant gas.

The tubes are set into pipe by expanded mechanical flanges.

The secondary circuit is equipped with diaphragms that are the support of the tube and force the fluid circulation increasing the effectiveness of the heat exchanger.

All units are designed for be use with refrigerants in type 1, according to the regulation of refrigerated facilities and are manufactured according to the Directive of the European Economic Community 9723CE. Each unit is delivered with a plate of characteristics and the CE certificate of conformity.

The "CE" marked of the equipment is limited to a few application temperatures between 50 and - 20°C and a maximum pressure work of 16 bar. For different working conditions the materials do not meet the necessary safety conditions.

On-demand, applications can be studied for fluid not included in this catalogue, lower temperatures than the standard, major pressures, as well as records of type for type IV categories

The highlighted features of this series are the following:

- Fully accessible in the gas circuit
- Exchange tubes plunges on the flanges tubes
- Clamp of flanges of head gaskets in nitrile, EPDM, teflon or graphite according to applications
- Reversible connections side
- Distributor of liquid by drops fractionator
- Easily repairable in the side of pipes

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