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Application and models

Gravity Coils ideal for the smaller cold rooms and showcases opened with air circulation by gravity.

The gravity coils range IES are designed for high and medium temperatures cold rooms

General features


Evaporating coils built in copper tube of 5/8” and aluminium fins corrugated with fins spacing of 12mm. The casing is made in aluminium sheets, provided with protection collars. The coil has one or two refrigerants circuits. Those of two circuits have a Ventury type distribution system for t he application of thermostatic expansion valves.

External structure

The coils have a tray structure with a system of dripping and draining built in coating aluminium. The manufacturing is like a tooth saw, by sections and discharging in only one tray with incorporated drain. This concept avoids drippings on the cold room goods and the condensing water up when defrosting systems.

Defrosting heaters

As an option electrical heaters can be supplied carried out by 230V, built in shielded stainless steel tube, with vulcanised ends avoiding shunts, and inserted into the coil wired to the waterproof junction box, according IP-55 standards.



- Fins with Bronz-Glow protection for corrosive environments
- Stainless Steel tube
- Tinned copper tube
- Reinforced Copper tube, thickness 0,63 mm.


- Electrical defrost in coil 


- Structure and tray in Stainless Steel 

All options are under consultation with the Intersam Technical Department.

Refrigerant capacity

All the capacities of this range have been tested according ENV-328 with nominal capacities in SC2 terms.


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