Autol (La Rioja) Refyclima
  • Sectors: Agrarian

Air conditioning and climate control in compost germination rooms for exotic mushrooms

Refyclima, company located in Autol (La Rioja), develops and installs Intersam's brand components.

Climatic control in compost germination rooms.
Climatic control in compost germination rooms.

A national company specialized in growing Pleurotus Ostreatus and Exotic Mushrooms, needs heated rooms germination to control the process.

During incubation, the reaction that occurs within the package is exothermic. Consequently, it is necessary to compensate and control the temperatures inside the substrate, depending on the varieties have to parameterize between 21-29ºC.

For this installation, made by Refyclima with Intersam components, it was decided to use a compact and house condensing unit and ceiling unit coolers variable flow.

Each room is governed by a control panel with programmable software that allows to create your own solutions quickly and efficiently.

If you are also interested in improving the conditions of conservation of their products and the air conditioning of your facilities contact us and we will help.

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