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Installation of evaporating batteries for a pre-cooling plant of vegetables

Moelco Levante has installed on their vacuum cooler machines some evaporating batteries manufactured by Intersam in order to improve the process of rapid and homogeneous cooling of vegetables.

Intersam's evaporating batteries installed in the vacuum cooler machine.
Intersam's evaporating batteries installed in the vacuum cooler machine.

Intersam has been the manufacturer chosen for the design of the cold batteries that condense part of the evaporating water during the cooling process of the products.

Coolers Vacuum machines are designed to cool vegetable products with a high surface/volume ratio, such as lettuce, celery and other leafy vegetables, from room temperature to the temperature near freezing (2-3 ° C).

The operating principle Vacuum Cooling is based on rapid evaporation of moisture from the product when subjected to reduced pressure within a sealed chamber.

The evaporating batteries installed on the machine are located on the side of the vacuum cooler. These evaporators batteries has been designed according to the refrigeration installation needs and adapted to the type of refrigerant used.

The cooler vacuum machines cools the products quickly and evenly, preventing growth of microorganisms that deteriorate the quality of the product, extending its life of 4-6 times their normal life.

Moelco Levante is the leader in the Spanish market in construction of Vacuum Cooler units, with a consolidated portfolio which include 80 companies in Spain and the beginning of implementation in salads producing countries such as North Africa, Portugal, Italy, France portfolio Poland and Panama.

If you also seeks to improve the cooling system of your business, please contact us. We will look for the solution that best suits your needs.

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