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Intersam Units Selector Update

We visit Chillventa, the exhibition that predicts the future of refrigeration

We'll be waiting for you at Climatizacion 2015!

Intersam attends Nor-Shipping, held in Norway

Inauguration of the first AIDA cruise with Intersam's fan coils IS.AK.

Intersam will attend the spanish exhibition Climatización y Refrigeración 2017



Intersam will visit Chillventa 2016, the exhibition for refrigeration

Intersam will attend the International HVAC&R Trade Fair 2019

Intersam takes part in Climatization 2015

Intersam presents a new line of products in Chillventa 2016

Intersam presents its products in Climatization 2015

New update for INTERSAM Unit Selector

New update for the program INTERSAM Unit Selector is now available

Our RAFWater refrigeration system in Caloryfrio

INTERSAM will be at Chillventa 2018

Total success at the International Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Fair 2019

New update for the application INTERSAM Unit Selector


Air conditioning and climate control in compost germination rooms for exotic mushrooms

Installation of more that 30.000 m3 of cold stores

Reconversion of fermentation tunnels in germination tunnels with climate control and CO2

Condenser installation in Gas Platform

Installation of ammonia's condenser for meat sector

Cold storage facility with Intersam's components for spanish abattoir

Design and manufacturing of steam condensers for mining project

Design and manufacturing of a cooling chamber for fruit

Cooling tunnel for fruit sector

Cooling tunnel for fruit and vegetable sector

We design and install Roycongel’s new cold storages

Water cooling machine installation

Installation of evaporating batteries for a pre-cooling plant of vegetables

Freezing tunnel with ammonia condenser designed for meat preservation

Steam water condensing system in Santiago de Chile

Transformation of growing rooms in germination tunnels